Hello love bugs,
Where am i going with this?
Ok so..
Basically, I want you to remember you are loved.. you might not always feel it, in fact even when you are surrounded by people that love you, you can feel totally alone and disconnected..
heres the ironic part, am i right? You are never truly alone!
Guess what, in fact, you are this whole, awsome, kick arse, amazing human being and no matter how hard we may try sometimes, we cant actually escape ourselves?!
Terrying and yet kind of epic..
Now i can hear you sitting there, some of you will be going actually, its just terrfying, shut up, what are you saying, the other half are going I AM EPIC!
Now…that says alot about the space we are currently in, i am and have been a frequent visitor on both trains… I like to think I am learning to ride the EPIC train more, but, its a learning curb, we wont all feel epic all the time and anyone who tells you they feel epic all the time is generally bullshitting, lets be honest now!
Those people are either…bullshitting themselves OR trying to bullshit you whilst interalising, neither of which is healthy, both of which i have done, no judging here, safe zone!
So, how can we, of the terrfying camp..train…who sticks to metephores any way right?? How can we change our mind set? T
Because the frustrating thing that goes with that feeling is that it FEELS like an impossible mission to change it all around, its effort, its tiring, whats the point right??? RIGHT??
SO MANY WONDERFUL HUGE BEAUTIOUS WONDEROUS POINTS TO TUNRING THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN…god i hate it when people say that, im sorry… anyway.. many reasons, main point, life is actually pretty darn amazing and more so, YOU ARE PRETTY DAMN AMAZING.
YOU. YES YOU!!!! Deserve to feel good, be happy, be yourself, to live an authentic, free, shiny life!
I swear I didnt even finish my cup of coffee..
So back to the how!
Simple, yet effective and unfortuantley no quick fixes or super speedy boarding passes, sorry again, sucks right!
Small steps..
Such as:
When you feel a negative thought let it pass replace it with a positive, doesnt matter if you dont feel it straight away, the more you think, act, speak positively the more that you believe AND the more you attract it!!! WHATTT! YES! What you put out you get back fill up with postivity, eminate it and become it,

fake it until you make it!

True story..so i hear 😉
Also, smile, so simple, so effective, smiling actually releases good vibes (technical term right?) that helps you internally as well as hopefully making others smile, i certainly cant help sharing a smile with a beautiful soul! Magic 🙂

Now, this next one…dont laugh…..
Breathe… 🙂
Now i know you breathe all the time every day…id like to think im not that daft 😉 but we do it on auto pilot…we dont stop, focus and allow ourselves to connect to our natural rythems, to feel our breath, our bodies…by focusing for even a minute we connect to the NOW. The moment we are in, we are not living in the past or stressing about the future, we are tuning into our body, respecting it and by stopping to do so we can actually decrease our stress!

Ahh so, now, I have digressed im sure, so I will check back to this and knowing me write more or create a video or mp3…so there is that to look forward to..

In the meantime, take the above on board, 3 simple techniques:

Replace negative with positive


My first design

Have a beautiful day wherever you are
Love and light to you all
G xo