Everytime I feel the sun begin to shineThe air in a room with noneIt disappears.It leavesAnd I’m thereBack in the darkStruggling to breathStruggling for wordsUnable to deal with emotionsUnable to deal with lifeUnable to deal with those mundane chores that seem so small and easy.The chores that when not done make people think you’re […]

Being tired, mental health

People are so quick to be understanding of physical illness- headache, flu, cold etc yet people still struggle to show the same empathy and understanding for mental illness or invisible illness – maybe because it is not something they have suffered and so they do not understand that when we say we are tired we […]

What an absent father taught me

I have had to learn and I am still learning how to be fatherless.I know many others out there are too. In many ways it made me who I am, it made me more understanding, I have always been sensitive but in truthit taught me what that meant. It taught me that sensitivity is strength. […]

The time that passes

Thinking about times passed..How the relationships in our childhood form so much of how we view ourselves and the world.-How we are and how we interact with future relationships personal and otherwise.Our fathers- we are told- are our measuring stick by which all men are measured…I’m not sure I agree – for what if those […]

Thank you

Thank you! To the friends that are patient with me when I am having a ‘dip’ and I feel disconnected from you, despite you showing me nothing but connection and compassion.When that trixy part of depression or anxiety tells me they arent replying or calling or catching up with you because they dont want to […]