The Universe has a plan

Whenever we feel like we don’t know whats happening, hold faith that the universe has your back, all you need to do is take inspired action.

Lady smiling on a sunny day

The universe has a plan

How grateful am I for the universal plan to lead me away from a life that was holding me back ⚡️

From toxic people and spaces and shadow versions of myself.

Away from the things that made me feel less than myself.

From people that only loved me when I fit in their mould. Told me I was too broke to be their version of loveable.

The spaces and places that mocked my bright light. Because it didn’t fit their image of what a future could look like.

The people that loved me but only if I wasn’t too much, if I didn’t stand up for myself then what a bonus that was.

How free I feel now

Even as I navigate clearing the ashes off my soul. To know how little value and fake support they did show.

For those who truly see me, know my heart and soul are pure, and I’m here to create empowerment for you. But, with them by my side the only message I would see, is I’m only worthy, “as long as you don’t shine brighter than me” – that was the endearment they offered to me!

“As long as I can be seen as the hero and knight. That way I can feel my sense of significance and importance by pretending I’m helping you find your light. But really in truth, I didn’t want you to see, how powerful you could be, just without me!”

See, the people that feed from your energy and struggle, will never want you to see that in truth you are able!

Not only are you able, but you’re powerful and free. Can live a loving life, free from their imagined grip and glee.

Because, really you are powerful, you are light.  So much more, and your light will illuminate that which they hide away from sight.

The truth in fact is, that your breaking the mould, by changing the patterns that once were caused.

But remember dear light, you are not too dim, because someone isn’t willing to reach within.

Through love and compassion you will find your truth and know how to protect your peace from the ruse.

Be free now, fly high

No more must you suffer.
Your life is never down to the hands of another.
Your powerful it’s true, so worthy too.
Now is your time to fly high and feel joy.
Because everyone is beautiful, especially you 💛

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